A lot of guys have it in their heads that getting the girl of dreams to fall for them is tough, some say it's even impossible. Right now, I'm going to say it:

It's not that hard. It's just a matter of learning how to find a girl and how to get a girl to fall in love with you. It's easy if you know how to deal with it.

For most guys, they're just simply inexperienced in the field of making girls swoon left and right. That lack of experience makes gaining experience hard, but you can use these guidelines to help your odds of catching the attention of the girl you want.

A foreward, however, on what I'm about to present: They're not the end-all, be-all of dating hints, tips, tricks, and strategies. They're just a few guidelines to help you get your feet wet and to experience what tactics you need to use in order to snag the girl you want.

Firstly, you need to be absolutely sure that you can make a lasting impression on the girl. It doesn't have to be with cash or even with fast sports cars (or limos). Just act like a polite gentleman, hold the doors open for her. Dress up, dress well, and dress for the occasion. I dare say 'have a little class' would apply here too. Who do you think a woman would rather go out with, some vulgar jerk or a nice, charming guy who knows how to treat her right?

Uncertain of what you need to do? Get some new outfits, it doesn't cost much. Go to a barber and get a nice haircut and a shave. Be conscious of what you say and how you say it, you can even go a step farther and be aware of what effects your words will have on other people before you say them. (The old adage "Think before you speak." applies here.)

When the lady knows you've taken some time to try and make yourself up better, especially for her, she'll become aware that you're seriously interested in getting to know her a bit better. When she gets more and more interested, things will eventually become more serious and likely change to something more... intimate.

Secondly, make it an utmost point to try and understand her. Give her a turn to speak, don't talk over her, don't say 'shut up', simple things like that; 'civility' is a good way to put it. If you don't understand what she's saying, ask for clarification. If she's the kind that gets irritated because you just don't get what she's saying, ask her question about what she's talking about. She might say, "So-and-so did this." to which you can respond with, "Oh? So how did so-and-so go about doing that?" Questions, even if simple at times, make it evident you care.

The second benefit of this point, alongside being able to better gain her confidence, is that you can learn things about her. Learn how she ticks, learn what makes her happy and learn what to avoid doing around her. A healthy relationship, regardless of intimacy, is built firstly and foremostly upon friendship. You need to get to know her before you can become her 'boyfriend.'

Finally, you should do your utmost to make her feel special and make her feel wonderful. You've learned how to act like a gentleman around her, you've learned how to speak to and understand her, and now it's time ot take that one step further. Compliment her when she looks nice, when she wears a perfume that smells nice, and whenever a compliment is appropriate. (But use them sparingly, no one, women especially, likes a suck-up.) Present well thought-out gifts that would be unique to her. Make her feel just like a princess and give her your undivided attention.

The amount of money you spend is irrelevant compared to how much meaning behind a gift you give her. Even indulging her by opening up to her and sharing your innermost thoughts will make her feel special. Confiding in her means that she's someone you find unique and one-of-a-kind.

Remember that these are just guidelines of how to make a girl fall for you. There's a million more things you need to take note of and plenty of specifics that you should as well. But what I've outlined is a very good starting point that most people who are clueless about dating can use. Either way, I wish you the best of luck.